broiler chickens

2019 will be our fourth season raising broiler chickens. Our goal is to raise delicious and nutritious chickens using methods that are good for the land and good for the chickens. We get our chicks from a hatchery usually within about 24 hours of hatching. They spend their first three weeks in a brooder after which they’re moved to organic pasture. By pasture, we mean designated parts of our fields that are growing a cover crop of oats, clover, and vetch. This provides great forage for the birds, but is also beneficial for the field as the chickens eat insects, dig up the soil, and add manure that converts into high quality fertilizer over time. We move the chickens every day to ensure they are always on fresh pasture. We supplement their forage with feed from a local mill. This feed contains only non-GMO ingredients and is both corn free and soy free. Our chickens never receive antibiotics or hormones.

We raise two breeds of chickens: Cornish Cross and Freedom Rangers. The Cornish Cross is a fast growing, broad breasted variety, tender and meaty. The Freedom Ranger is slower growing and smaller breasted. It has a slightly higher fat content and some customers feel a fuller flavor.

Our goal is to have broilers available from April through the end of November.