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by Joe Santos

I posted this picture of Mabel a couple of weeks ago. Now I know why she’s quietly contemplating life: she’s pregnant! But wait, it gets better – or more complicated.

I had the vet come out to do a check on the goats today. Mostly a wellness check. I also wanted to check Mabel since I knew she was possibly pregnant but wasn’t sure. Back in September, Mabel experienced a drive-by servicing (now there’s a term) with a buck from a local breeder. The vet took out the portable ultrasound machine, ran it around Mabel’s belly, and sure enough – she’s pregnant. Very exciting, and fun to look forward to.

Since the vet already had the machine out, I asked if she could check Snowball. Ricky and Eddie (our two bucks) are only six months old, but are pretty determined. To date, I’ve assumed they’re just too short. I’ve watched them try to make a move on one doe or another, and they simply aren’t tall enough. Now, Snowball is built like a fluffy little white tank. Very stable in a high wind if you know what I mean. She’s been a little muted and standoff-ish lately, and she’s probably the shortest doe we have, so I figured what the heck, let’s check. Yep, she’s pregnant too.

Hmm.. Ok, let’s check Dot. She’s the next oldest. Yep, she’s pregnant.

Uh oh, I figure we’d better check them all.
Check Cookie, yes, she’s pregnant.
Check Rosie – pregnant.
Check Boots – pregnant.
Check Lilly – pregnant.
Check Smokie – pregnant.

I don’t know which of those little degenerates did it (probably both) but every single Nigerian doe is pregnant.

This is certainly not the most responsible way to manage livestock. I’m going to have to do DNA tests to figure out the father, and most of these does are pretty young to be moms. Needless to say, Ricky and Eddie will be moving to the bachelor pasture in the near future.

Still, this means that Spring is going to be very exciting around the farm, and little goats are awfully fun.

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